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  • Compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester that makes trouble-shooting all types of spark ignition systems easier, surer and quicker
  • Designed to measure and dynamically display both primary and secondary ignition signals on bright LED bar graph displays; no disassembling of ignition components is required
  • Spark scale to measure the consistency of the high voltage current signal and to determine misfires; dual displays allow simultaneous measurement of two different ignition signals
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable 1.5Ah NiMH battery that provides 6 hours autonomy; recharge the battery with any 12VDC source
  • Includes rugged rubberized protective and mounting holster, combination spark cable caliper pickup with silicon lead, stick-coil adapter, silicon test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and Probulator back probes, 12VDC 2-meter (6 1/2') power lead, instruction manual and quick reference guide and a custom carry case

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