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  • Tune Builder is an easy-to-use, professional tuning aid that saves up to 50% of the time needed to create mapping
  • Quickly combines current map information with using its powerful data collection and sophisticated algorithms to automatically create tables that allows users to copy/paste completed maps into flash tuning software
  • After data is collected from a motorcycle ECU, Tune Builder’s Auto Mapping feature automatically generates fuel tables to create the most efficient map possible
  • Can be used with all flash tuning software regardless of brand, including OE and aftermarket products
  • Effortlessly tune Volumetric Efficiency (VE) tables, detect and remove spark knock and evaluate engine usage areas
  • Log up to 16 channels simultaneously and at high frequency
  • Record and seamlessly integrate any O2 sensor device into data collection
  • Can utilize the motorcycle’s stock narrow band O2 sensors (if equipped)
  • View 3D plots in a grid or in color and view statistics on collected data
  • View and adjust tables simply
  • Easy to apply manual corrections of VE and spark tables
  • Can apply changes to front and rear tables simultaneously
  • Keys are available with either 5 or 10 licenses; one license used per motorcycle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
NOTE: Must be used in conjunction with a fuel management system previously installed on the bike.

NOTE: 1020-2409 includes VCM-TR3 communication hardware and cables. License keys need to be purchased separately.

NOTE: If you have a Centurion Super Pro or Centurion Super Pro Plus, 1020-2409 is NOT needed.

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