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The TTS MasterTune System includes three powerful Windows -based programs--MasterTune HD, DataMaster HD & VTune--designed specifically to tune Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. MasterTune-HD is an ECM reprogramming tool for H-D bikes that utilize the diagnostic interface. MasterTune-HD also supports 2005 and later Retrofit ECM Service Modules when installed on earlier vehicles. DataMaster-HD is a data collection tool specifically for use with 2001 and later Delphi-equipped H-D motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface. VTune is an easy-to-use VE table tuning tool tailored specifically for use with 2006 and later Delphi-equipped H-D's that are equipped with O2 sensors.
    With the MasterTune System, you can:
    • Calibrate factory speedometers
    • Correct cruise control and 6th gear light (Primary Ratio Correction) issues
    • Trims spark tables automatically while correcting the fuel
    • Trims spark tables automatically while correcting the fuel system
    • Analyze the engine's actual volumetric efficiency
    • Reduce tuning time for a smoother running, more responsive engine
    • Check and clear diagnostic codes
    • Save and restore the current calibration in the ECM (factory or other)
    • Install custom calibrations from other sources
    • Compare functions quickly in tables
    • Choose from a wide selection of base mapsGraph in 2D, 3D or line options
    • Display all vehicle data as well as various calculated channels
    • View real-time engine parameters
    • Record data without a computer
    • Record as much as 8 hours of data
    • Store up to 64 recordings
    • Automatically start/stop recordings
    • The TTS MasterTune software is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 7. Cables sold separately
    • Cables sold separately
    • Made in the USA
    Note: Product may not be legal for sale or use in California or in other localities due to State and/or Federal anti-tampering laws.

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    FLH/FLT/FXST/FLST/FXD 01-17; XL/VRSC 07-17 - Dual Program (2 Bikes) - 
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