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  • Compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester that makes trouble-shooting all types of spark ignition systems easier, surer and quicker
  • Ignition signals can damage even a good digital multimeter - IgnitionMate is specially designed to measure and dynamically display both primary and secondary ignition signals on bright LED bar graph displays
  • The power sport industry's top tool for trouble-shooting problems on all ignition systems (transistor, CDI, magneto, points)
  • No disassembling of ignition components are required - this avoids accidentally introducing, or correcting, poor contacts in the system, which may further confuse and delay resolution of the unidentified problems
  • Spark scale to measure the consistency of the high voltage current signal and to determine misfires. The signal strength can be varied for display purposes. Spark strength of different cylinders can be compared
  • The dual displays allow simultaneous measurement of two different ignition signals. This allows you to narrow down between which two points the problem lies
  • The instrument is powered by an internal rechargeable 1.5Ah NiMH battery that provides 6 hours autonomy. Recharge the battery with any 12VDC source, such as a vehicle battery or 12VDC adapter
  • The standard kit includes the instrument with rugged rubberized protective and mounting holster, combination spark cable caliper pick-up with silicon lead, stick-coil adapter, silicon test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and Probulator back probes, 12VDC 2-meter (6 1/2") power lead and instruction manual & quick reference guide all packed in a custom carry case

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